Great Futures Challenge!

September 2nd, 2014

Boys & Girls Clubs of America have sounded the alarm – at 3 pm when school is out our Clubs are in. Help Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids kickoff the start to a great school year where hundreds of GREAT FUTURES will start in our Clubs.

On September 2nd, we will be launching a #greatfutures social media campaign. The goal? To have as many people as possible wear a BGCGRYC shirt and post the picture with the hashtag #greatfutures.

To help drive this campaign, we will be hosting an internal competition in the organization. The team with the most people wearing their shirt color on September 2nd will win a $250 dinner out with their Club team. The dinner can be redeemed anytime between September 30th and May 31st. To redeem the dinner the winning team can select a day where they cash in their night out and close their individual Club early.

Teams and their corresponding team color are listed below:

Team Blue: Admin, Performing Arts & Camp staff
Team Orange: Paul I. Phillips staff
Team Purple:  Seidman staff
Team Green: Steil staff

Points breakdown listed below:

1 point will be awarded to each individual that takes a photo wearing or with a BGCGRYC Club shirt and posts the picture to social media with the #greatfutures.

To help push this campaign we will award the following bonus points:

Public School Employees (i.e. teachers, KSSN workers, Principals, Counselors, Secretaries): 1 bonus point
College or University Employees: 1 bonus point
BGCA Employee: 1 bonus point
Minor League Players (Whitecaps, Griffins, Drive): 2 bonus points
Firefighters, Police Officers: 2 bonus points
Grand Rapids City Employees: 2 bonus points
BGCGRYC parents: 2 bonus points
BGCGRYC Alumni: 2 bonus points
Partnering Agencies/Organizations: 2 bonus points
Elected Officials (including individuals currently running for office): 5 bonus points
Local Media: 5 points
Any School District Superintendent: 5 bonus points
Mayor George Heartwell: 10 bonus points
Jim Clark, President & CEO of BGCA: 25 bonus points
Any National Celebrity: 50 bonus points

Each team will be provided with a box of their color shirt and a sign with the #greatfutures. There will be a panel of 3 judges that will be tallying the points.

Let the games begin!


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