BGC Glee Week!

June 17th, 2013

This summer at the Clubs and Camp O'Malley, we have a new program as part of our new music programming. It is a Musical Theatre Workshop called "BGC Glee Week." Members and Campers will put together a mini-musical using a scene structure and popular music. Each scene will be improvised within the pre-written storyline about two friends from school who attend a summer camp and struggle against bullying and peer pressure. In the end, their loyalty remains and everyone learns a lesson about appreciating one another for our differences. Participants will audition for the various roles on the first day of each workshop, which will be held for three hours per day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The workshop will culminate with a performance on Friday afternoon/evening (Camp O'Malley).

Glee Weeks:
Seidman: June 24-28
Paul I: July 8-12
Camp O'Malley: July 29-August 2
Steil: August 5-9

This workshop is a great way for kids to learn important skills such as working together, listening, movement, acting and singing. Using improvisation to tackle a subject such as bullying is a great way for kids to explore their own feelings and make more sense of the world around them. For more information, contact Music Program Coordinator Casey Stratton at cstratton@bgcgrandrapids.org or (616) 233-9370 ext 109.



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