Grand Rapids Juvenile Crime Rates Drop!

March 19th, 2014

In a news conference held on March 18, 2014, OCC, the Grand Rapids Police Department and the Community Research Institute released a Grand Rapids Juvenile Offense Index Report of offenses by 8 – 16 year-olds.

This report provides a baseline and seven-year descriptive trend analysis of juvenile offenses and incidents in Grand Rapids. This report identifies frequency and rates of juvenile crime/delinquency and incidents; it is based on Grand Rapids Police Department Reports: 2006-2012 (inclusive). Data in this report include offenses and incidents recorded by the Grand Rapids Police Department that meet the following criteria: (1) youth who were residents of Grand Rapids; (2) offenses and incidents that occurred within the Grand Rapids city limits; and (3) offenses that occurred during the calendar years 2006-2012.

The Johnson Center and GRPD partnered to create this study, and wanted “data driven” results that our community could use, as well as other communities where they are looking to see how partnerships can provide results in a community.

“We want to ensure our children get the resources and support they need," said Police Chief and BGC Board Member Kevin Belk. “While finances remain tight, programs are critical for success of our children.”

And guess what? Grand Rapids Juvenile crime is DOWN! There has been a more than a 44 percent decline in unique youth arrests and status offenses within Grand Rapids between 2006 and 2012.

See the full report here.

Several important people spoke at the news conference, including two of our Club Members and two of our Board Members:

  • Symphonee Montgomery, President, Mayor’s Youth Council
  • Mayor George K. Heartwell
  • Commissioner Senita Lenear
  • Chief Kevin Belk (BGC Board Member)
  • Terry Jones (BGC Member & 2014 Youth of the Year)
  • Myekwaun Moore (BGC Member)
  • Larry Johnson, GRPS, Assistant Superintendent & Director of Public Safety (BGC Board Member)
  • Dr. William Crawley, Interim Director for The Johnson Center at GVSU
  • Lynn Heemstra, Executive Director, Our Community’s Children




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