Seidman Basketball Shines

March 15th, 2014

Our Seidman Club has always been known for their sports teams. Whether it be football or basketball, our Club Members take pride in their athletics. And this year is no different, except for one very special coach...

Meet Suriya Davenport.

He is President of Tax Connection Worldwide but spends a lot of time with our Seidman Club 8th Grade Basketball Team. Let's get to know more about him...

Q: Why do you coach our team and how long have you been doing it?

A: I coach and sponsor the team because I played for Seidman Center as a kid in 1986 and 1987, and it gave me a lot. The teammates I made then are still friends today. I also coach because there was a need. I was told in 2012 that there was no longer a basketball program because there were no coaches. So, I decided to apply and coach my son and his peers.

After a month, I realized a majority of my players didn't have fathers in their lives. It became more than basketball to me. I started developing young men into future leaders. It's really given my life purpose. I'm a father to my kids, and I realize a lot of kids don't have a father's love or guidance. I'm glad I can help in providing my team with a role model. I want to expose them to the world outside Grand Rapids and make college a MUST destination. The future is bright for them, and I just want to do part in guiding them.

Q: What's your favorite memory from this year's season so far?

A: My favorite memory so far this year is the VERY first time we won a tournament and held up the trophy and medals as a team. Our team is very committed, and they deserved to feel like champions for a day.

Q: If I was on the bench or in the locker room, what would be one quote I would hear you telling the boys?

A: "Play hard to the end." OR "Never ever give up." OR "If you want it, you got to work hard to get it." (Hopefully it transcends into their real lives.)

Q: How is the team doing this year?

A: We are currently 30-6! On March 1st and 2nd, we played in a tournament in Wayland and placed 2nd. On March 8th and 9th, we played in a tournament at University of Michigan and placed 2nd again. We are the 2014 Champions of the Meijer Winter State Games and Michigan Boys Basketball Report Winter Showcase. This weekend, we are playing in the GR Storm Classic against some of the best teams in Michigan and Midwest at MVP Fieldhouse. Next weekend, we will participate in the tournament that BGC is putting on at Paul I. Phillips Club. I plan for them to play approximately 35 more games heading into AYBT Nationals in July, where we will stay in St. Francis University dorms for a week in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

GOOD LUCK SEIDMAN! And a big thanks to Coach Davenport!


#1 Ericka DeWitt said:

Thank you!!!

#2 Jalasha Freeman said:

Good Morning,
I was wondering when seidman girls basketball start. I go to u-prep and I wanted to join the team. I would like to know all the information, Time, Day it starts, Ending, Where the games are, Whose the coach and the coach number,Transportation (bus routes that run their), and the times y'all are open and closed. Also I would like the know the cost to join the team and have a membership there.
Thank You, Have a nice Morning!

#3 Greg Smith said:

I'm looking to get in contact with the 3rd & 4th grade coach about playing in a game this weekend theres no cost, we are hosting a fundraiser basketball this weekend at Mona Shores Middle School if interested just let me know today if possible. For more details call 231-903-9186

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