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March 11th, 2011

Dear Friend of Camp O’Malley, 

Last summer Camp O’Malley welcomed 455 kids to our beautiful Camp on the shores of the Thornapple River. For a whole amazing week, youth ages 8-14 had the chance to get out of the city and go to a place where they got to be kids all day, every day.

At Camp youth discover a place where they are safe, engaged in fun outdoor activities, exercising, eating healthy, trying new things, exploring nature, making new friends and creating life-long memories. 

Camp O’Malley is a place where young people grow as individuals and as valued members of our community. Which is why, each spring, we ask friends old and new to invest in our community’s youth. The success of this annual fundraising effort sends the message to our Campers that even though times are tough for their parents, community and school —we all care about making sure they have the opportunity to attend summer Camp.

Camp O’Malley has a policy: No one is ever turned down because they can’t afford to pay. In fact, an overwhelming 9 out of 10 of our campers fell below the poverty line in 2010, qualifying them for a camper scholarship. Based on our sliding-fee scale, many families qualify to pay as little as $35 per child. But we must cover the rest — totaling $300 per child.

This is why we ask for and deeply appreciate your gift. Your gift allows us to remain steadfast in our effort to provide a memorable and important summer Camp experience to each Camper.

Thank you for thoughtfully considering how you can help. If you have already contributed, we respectfully ask you to consider, as you are able, an additional gift during our spring fund drive.


Chief Kevin Belk, President 
Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors 

Becky Reed Missad
Director, Camp O’Malley

P.S. Donate online HERE (Choose Camp O'Malley). Questions? Call Becky at (616) 233-9370 ext. 106.


"Camp O'Malley allows me to experience opportunities that I never, otherwise, would have. With the fun activities and supportive staff, this camp has always carried many of my most fun memories, and I'm always excited to go back to camp every year! "Due to limited income, I would not have been able to enjoy the camping experience that I've had at Camp O'Malley." -Lionel, age 15

"I like Camp O'Malley so much because the activities are so much fun! And even though I've been to other camps, I wanna come back to this camp every year because with new counselors and new peers, it seems like each year is so much different than the one before." -Lyndale, 13


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